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Keys to Letting Go of Procrastination

When we procrastinate, we put our dreams, our hopes and our yearnings on hold. We put things off under the illusion that we will get to them someday, when there is more of time. We deny fears and postpone action while covering ourselves up with layers of excuses, like an onion. We deny the biggest obstacle holding us back. It is us! So how can we lick that “old devil” called procrastination that allows us to squander so many precious minutes, hours and even days? Delaying what we need to do feeds our fears instead of our courage and passion for life.

How to Win Your Struggle with Losing Weight!

There are a multitude of reasons why people struggle with weight control, many of which are unconscious. It's not just about the food! Without recognizing and understanding your opponent, your struggle will continue to bring more of the same results. I will assist you in identifying what you are up against; as well as a range of reasons that hold you back. I offer you strategies to release the obstacles that get in the way of managing your weight. I encourage you, and show you how to give yourself an inner permission to succeed..

What Does Your Busyness Really Mean?

“There is more to life than increasing its speed” (Gandhi & Desai, 1957)

Life can be likened to a deep forest and on occasion we get lost in creating our path through it. If we are determined to find our way, it is necessary to face the fears and doubts that are always lurking, keeping us stuck when we do not face them. We cannot wait until the day arrives when there is an absence of fears and doubts, as it does not happen. If the forest is a metaphor for life, why do so many of us stay close to the entry not venturing in?