Woman to Woman

As I launch a beautiful, bold new banner…Woman to Woman… I want you to absorb the message intended… “your presence here matters.”

With this rollout my commitment to you with every fiber of my being is to share with you many of the tried-and-true ways to Happiness, good health and inner peace. This is not a new commitment for me but a renewal of all that I know works – wanting for you Women of all ages… your happiness and greater good. If applied and practiced what I share will make your life happier with a feeling of being more complete.

Besides healing yourself, know without a doubt why you are here and why your gifts are desperately needed in the world at this time. Every one of us has unique to self …gifts. Imagine our power for change when we combine them.

What if like the women in the banner, you decided to boldly stand up and share your beautiful mysterious, multifaceted, gifted self?

How about starting now… will you stand up and be counted…now?

I know how easy it is to fool ourselves to be waiting until it’s a good time or the right day to start. Steeped in habits and fearful of change most of us to some degree are risk adverse.

A strong, confident woman told me that when she needs/wants to get started she has come to the point where she doesn’t allow herself to procrastinate but says firmly out loud …” this is the perfect time to” …you fill in the blanks for yourself.

“But where was I to start? The world is so vast, I shall start with the country I know best, my own. But my country is so very large. I had better start with my town. But my town too, is large. I had best start with my street. No: my home. No: my family. Never mind, I shall start with myself.” Elie Wiesel writer, humanitarian

The change that we want in the world must start within us…cannot be otherwise.

Some possibilities?

  1. Break some rules as somethings that may be small for you may be a large shift for me or the reverse. Start small with changing a rule of behavior, an entrenched pattern as follows. Open your frame of reference and risk speaking firmly, boldly, with determination, cleanly without reasons.
  2. Say “no thank you, not for me” without reasons, to leave room for a yes that you really mean.
  3. Stop saying “I’m sorry” you have a right to make mistakes and besides tell the truth …you are not sorry…you use that phrase to avoid displeasure.
  4. Be grateful to your body for all that it does for you. (Even if it has changed shape over time). It is still a miracle.
  5. Embrace the love that is all around you even if it doesn’t come in the size and shape you believe it “should”. Our rules limit the amount of love we absorb. Sometimes so much is swimming around us complicated by “shoulds” and critical judgement that we are not sure which thoughts and feelings are our own.

Join me as we go forward and together, we can turn the status quo upside down.

We cannot continue doing the same things today that didn’t work yesterday. Part of the Journey is to learn how to value your worth as in liking, valuing, and eventually loving who you are.

Your presence (presents) matters here especially at this time of world upheaval you are needed now more than ever.

Join me as I create Woman to Woman online courses to guide you through times of wondering if what you do, feel, think matters. It truly does.

You are Beautiful…now risk being Bold.




PS – My next course will focus on how to overcome the Faulty Beliefs and Aging Myths that keep us unhappy. Once you know how to resolve them you will be able to truly Celebrate the Second Half of Life.PS – My next course will focus on how to overcome the Faulty Beliefs and Aging Myths that keep us unhappy. Once you know how to resolve them you will be able to truly Celebrate the Second Half of Life.

**Thank you to the talented Mariya Karchevskaya for the beautiful artwork.

Laura B Young

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