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“My commitment, actually my passion is to help people become more fully alive.”

I believe that we have to start with the most important relationship: the one we have with ourselves. We bring to our relationships, that which we are, it cannot be otherwise.


Having worked 30 years with individuals and couples, that are struggling, I recognize that no relationship problem is created in a vacuum. All relationships are systemically and profoundly influenced by those around us. My focus is to assist individuals, especially women in having the most authentic lives possible.
Laura is a trained Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist drawing on years of clinical experience as a psychotherapist. Laura specializes in individual and relationship struggles, grief resolution,early childhood trauma, and the challenges of life transitions.
Laura’s core message is one of encouragement, all the while nudging her clients to move out of their comfort zone in order to create and live a fuller life. Laura’s published works can be found on  Call Laura at 334-277-7955. or e-mail

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Laura B Young ( LMFT, and CCH) is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and author, who draws on over thirty years of clinical experience. In 1992 she established her Private Practice – Life Resource Center.


When people say they want their lives to be a certain way but their reality is very different.

When there is a chasm between what they want and what is occurring Hypnosis allows me to build a bridge. It means  their conscious and unconscious are out of alignment and there is a problem, usually hidden in the unconscious.

I use Hypnosis to find the hidden – those faulty beliefs that keep people stuck. Hypnosis allows me an opportunity to accelerate the healing process and then allowing for conscious and unconscious to work together or alignment to occur.

Following are a few of the many ways Hypnosis can be used to help..

1: A woman wanted to lose weight consciously, would lose a little but kept gaining. Why? There was more here than meets the eye.  In her unconscious was a strong faulty belief that was more powerful than her other wants and wishes. We found the hidden that was stopping her. She lost the weight.

2: A women who grew up impoverished with a fretting, fearful mother, has plenty of money and says she wants to travel, but doesn’t. She is afraid of not having enough money for her old age. She hasn’t married has held 2 careers and  won’t take leave because she fears the worst will happen.(Whose faulty beliefs is she living)? In Hypnosis she was finally to give her younger self permission to let go of many Scarcity Beliefs. She is enjoying her dream of traveling now.

3: A business man made millions of dollars many times over and lost his wealth accordingly, many times.  (Why does this self-sabotaging,repetitive loop continue)? Because his unconscious and conscious were out of alignment. ( What were his faulty beliefs?) We worked together to heal the rift and stop the repetitive losses.

4: A man who said he wanted to stop smoking and tried many times with many techniques to no avail.

What faulty beliefs  are holding him back? Working together, using Hypnosis, we found the real source of his conflict and he quit for good.

Call Laura  at 334-277-7955 or e-mail if you have questions or want to make an apt.

Laura B Young

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