If you’re unhappy, discouraged, frenetically busy do you realize that more of the same kind of effort can’t produce anything different?

The busier you are the more desperately you need to incorporate into your life some of what I offer here to stop what isn’t working to make space for the new.

What I’m sharing with you is not new. Our culture, however, does not value this way of approaching change therefore it must be intentionally sought out.

Read on… here is a key to access magical sources of your inner wisdom just waiting to be tapped and once tapped this source never dries up. You may go to this place again and again to receive answers and solutions to life questions.

If you practice this energy, it will help you bridge from where you really are now to where you want to be.

So, what is this Talisman I’m going on about? 

It is the Amazing Power of Journaling, or do you believe that Journaling is too simple to be a powerhouse of possibilities?

I have coached thousands of Women over the years to make Journaling their ally, their therapist between sessions, if you will. Of course, one does not need to be in psychotherapy to reap the multitude of benefits.

Journaling is a powerful tool for healing and a powerful tool for subsequently claiming the life you deserve.

  • If you are willing to come out of denial to meet what is tripping you up – Journal! 
  • If you want to feel worthy of an incredible life – Journal! 
  • If you’re ready to change the old story that you have been living and risk creating a new one – Journal!
  • If you want more Love, Health, Time, Money – Journal!
  • If you are ready to claim or reclaim more of your Feminine Power – Journal! 

Your Journaling Practice

You can access the transformative power of Journaling right now with these steps:

First, Stop the “Doing.”  

Get still. Breathe deeply, slowly, whatever feels comfortable for your body, no forcing. Contemplate your life as it is now. Where has it become stagnant? Where do you need healing? The risk you take to grow will bring you peace and rewards that others may deem magical. If you want a little extra help finding stillness, consider listening to a guided mediation (I offer one for free here).

Devote a Notebook/Journal for your experience. 

This is an important step because when you devote a Journal/Notebook you are establishing attention towards inner self-care and an intention to follow through. You are taking your wishes, yearning and “someday I want to” out of the vapors and putting it in concrete form. When you do this, it is as if the Unconscious releases tension and says …finally she is getting to what is important for her life to be so much more. In this state of mind, you can truly manifest what your soul desires. It is not too far-fetched to say if you write it down you can make it happen.

Many Women, myself included pick a beautiful color they love for the cover…a treat for the eye if you will, that lifts your spirits…every time you see it.

Devote Time and Space.  

Journaling does require a little time when you will not be disturbed by outside pressures. It requires a willingness to stop, become still and to have curiosity. Some women have been known to create an altar in their home even in their closet to have a personal space away from busy family life. To create a little sanctuary, a quiet place for you, doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be the chair in a corner of your bedroom, a table with a beautiful picture or plant. Wherever you choose just make it yours to use for this reason and over time it will build healing energy. Don’t do your bills or take phone calls here for instance.

Consider a Daily Practice. 

It is better to Journal a little every day – even 10 minutes – rather than longer sessions a few times a week. The daily practice is more powerful and makes it your ally. Every day creates new neurons in your brain, a new pattern within to expand your view of the world into a larger, richer tapestry.

Date each entry. 

It is important that you date each entry no matter how insignificant you may consider it. Many small shifts garner courage for the big moves.

Write by hand.  

I strongly suggest writing by hand as the hand is more connected to the unconscious than a computer.

Don’t get hung up on how to do the writing.

The purpose of journaling in this manner is to create a safe space for the unknown to come into our awareness.  Good spelling is not necessary; neither is crossing t’s or dotting the i’s.

Most importantly, just write.

Start with a stream of consciousness, or your story about what seems to be holding you back asking your unconscious to reveal to you what is hidden… just write. If you are feeling blocked… just write anything. Don’t stop right now, prime the pump to relax, to loosen you up. This too will get easier with practice.

Remember, you cannot journal “wrong.” Some people believe that to start a practice of journaling they must first have a special journal, a special time, write a certain number of pages etc.; however no “specialness” is required. Except having a spot that you will return to as you practice. Whatever you choose… just write.


Journaling is Self-Care

The importance of self-care tends to get bandied about, emphasizing the external, the massage, the greens, the movement etc.

My focus here is different; it is about inner self care, the willingness to know oneself at a deep and profound level. Only being willing to know oneself at this level can life become peaceful, joyful, happy and thus healthy. Inner self-care requires stopping the external busyness in order to make space for a deep, potent, creative energy, energy and guidance to come forward.

I have found that Journaling can be readily accepted and used by busy woman, due to it being familiar, as many journaled as children. Of course, there are other ways to access the unknown as in meditation, breathwork, self-hypnosis. Whatever you choose requires practice to be a powerful go-to in your life. By practice I use the analogy of a bicycle outside your door… A wonderful mode of transportation but no good if you have not practiced riding it.

Journaling used in this way is a powerful entry into what is hidden, into the unknown, into knowing oneself at a deepest level.

Women tend to put on their oxygen mask after caring for everybody else. Society commends you for doing so. Does it bring happiness and a feeling that your desires matter? If so, keep doing it. If not take it to your Journal. Does this behavior cause you to wonder, “Is this all there is?” I encourage you to shake up this pattern.

Why not start today?

I ask you to devote 15 or 20 minutes a day to your inner self-care. Many women say they start to feel a change in themselves right away, sometimes it may be weeks. You will not, however, stay the same.

I would love to hear how journaling works in your life. What tips would you add to my list?

Laura B Young

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