Recently I asked and am grateful that you responded with some of your “Food
Story” struggles. Your response has helped me tune into more of your needs as I continue preparing my Course for you on the hidden in Emotional Eating.

You spoke of discouragement in dieting and at best mixed results.

Let’s uncover and heal the hidden Obstacles that keep you stuck.

You told me that it is automatic to reach for food when you are stressed, anxious, sad, mad.

It’s not to do with your will.

Many are astonished at the power of food cravings.

In this Course you will find out how to dismantle this power and harness it for your greater good.

The foods craved may be comforting. Why is this the case?

Although unique we have many struggles in common. Our relationship with food is one, often undermining confidence in our attempts to have mastery over it.

Step by step, many invisible obstacles are uprooted, recognized and resolved and then you can successfully change your “Food Story.”

To prepare for my course… get a Journal and devote it to your Food Story.

Start with your Food Story as it is right now not as you would like it to be. Will get to that part later. Journaling is a powerful tool to uncover the depth of the problem before real change can occur.

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