What do You Really Want/Need in a Partner?

Part 1:

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I’ve had a front row seat, observing ways women sabotage themselves when it comes to having more of what they want/need in intimate relationships.

It may surprise you but often women spend more time planning the details of vacation time, or Christmas dinner than reflecting on what they really want in an intimate relationship…Forget about the picture that we are given by Madison Avenue, or romance novels in the attempt to sell us illusions.

You have more power to choose a solid and loving relationship than you realize…

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Will You Betray Another to be Faithful to Yourself?

It is easy to see betrayal when a family member or friend ignores what is in their best interest. You can clearly see when they put their creativity on the back burner, to not make waves, to not threaten a partner or create anxiety in themselves or the family.

Seeing the truth of what others are doing to themselves…that my friends is awareness. Why is it easier to see other’s denial but in ourselves not so much?

We are ill-prepared to witness betrayals of self…

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“I just want it back… to the way it was!”

How many times during this crisis have you heard some version of the above? I’ve had clients raw with grief or despair make this statement with every fiber of their being, wanting somehow to get back to the before crisis state. No matter what this statement is about;...

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A New Year, a New beginning…Where to start?

I am starting with a new title for my Newsletter. My Passionate Living Newsletter from now on will be titled “Woman to Woman”. Men are welcome of course but over the last few years my passion and focus has been more and more turning to ways I can be of help to women....

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Love is all around

“We accept the love we think we deserve”― Stephen Chbosky Do you believe that you are truly lovable? Do you believe that you are deserving of the love you dream about? Do you allow love in? Do you believe there is enough love to go around? Do you believe that there is...

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Healing from Loss of Love

Passivity does not help, denial does not heal. "Give sorrow words: The grief that does not speak whispers the oe’r fraught heart, and bids it break." (Shakespeare, 1892) A major loss of love that does not get respected enough in our society is divorce. Some people...

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Regrets, I’ve had a few…

Regrets, I’ve had a few But then again, too few to mention It is puzzling to me when somebody says that they have no regrets. None? Is that possible? I know what they mean, of course, but it just doesn’t add up for me.  When I hear someone say that they have no...

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And now let us welcome the New Year…

And now let us welcome the New Year full of things that have never been –Rilke. There will be days when you have great hunger for your soul’s desire and move towards it with a directness surprises you. Then there are the old familiar of “not so much" days when...

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LONELINESS: This time of the year!

Since the essence of Loneliness is that of disconnection, the illusions of Madison Avenue and Currier & Ives images add pain for many this time of the year.  No matter the cause, whether it is due to losses, past or present, feeling like an outsider or social...

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