And now let us welcome the New Year full of things that have never been –Rilke.

There will be days when you have great hunger for your soul’s desire and move towards it with a directness surprises you.

Then there are the old familiar of “not so much” days when discouragement and doubt slyly seep in and feed any hesitancy… Even if it feel like nothing is going on; more is happening than you realize important stuff. As with an herb which we do not pull it up to see if it’s rooting or growing. It needs the temporary darkness of the soil to germinate, to establish a solid foundation. Then when it is ready it catapults itself through the soil into the fullness of life. Your life is much like the herbs, as in nature, all change is accumulative, and constant. How about reframing the “not so much” days…

You: like the herb, plant the seed (desire) water it (determination), and give it a little time for germination, until the sun beckons (motivation) it into life (fruition). Deep in your bones don’t you feel your-self being beckoned into the expansiveness an abundant life.

It is good for us that many of our traditions were created at a time when the world moved at a slower pace. In our current atmosphere of busy-ness those well established times for reflection or spiritual focus provide us with space to stop and recognize a new threshold is ready for crossing.

The New Year is a brand new opportunity to risk knowing your-self at a deeper level and thus we will be able to bring greater good to the world.  I say risk because once you know consciously and unconsciously that “you are enough”: what are you going to do with the power of that truth? It is a responsibility is it not? But I digress.

A New Year … full of things that have never been and we get an opportunity to be in the middle of all of that.  A merciful do over, a chance to make a course correction, to create a life that has never been.

I t is not so much about the external changes as it is a given, we all need to make some kind of “course corrections”. More importantly are the internal shifts necessary to grasp more of the bigger picture, to realize that the way to self discovery and out of our boxes is through, not around or by avoidance, through, courageous ones, through the messy stuff that we deny.

There will always be another threshold waiting to be crossed and if we don’t tack our desire and courage to the sticking place it will be there haunting us, often late at night. Waiting, waiting for us to take a genuine risk: no half-hearted wishes or I’ll try, or until or maybe, waiting for a genuine Yes!

The greatest challenge is to muster up determination to actually begin. Every fiber of our being conspires to keep us stuck in an illusion of safety.

Wanting a more meaningful life right now or starting the journey are two different things.

“We’re already in the New Age she said.
What does that mean? I said.
It means we can stop waiting
start living, she said.
But after she left, I still waited a little more
just to be safe.”
– (Brian Andreas, Traveling Light)

 Be patient with yourself if you cannot run through open door right away. Have compassion for yourself and compassion for the weaknesses of others. Have you ever noticed that when you are discouraged with your own sins of commission or omission, there is a tendency to be more judgmental and impatient with those around us, sometimes even to blame them for problems we’d rather not face. It is a time to be ‘mindful’ not only of what is going on with us, but knowing there is valuable feedback in how we treat others.

Our germinating time may start as confusion and murmurings, or flashes of insight of something that we sense, feel or know that at a deep level something is going on. In the middle of our process there is often a long slough that tests our courage, patience and resilience as we wrestle with discouragement and wonder if it is worth it. Keep going! Keep going! It is the darkest before dawn experience. The sun will come up.

You will find that all risks taken in the name of personal growth and a more authentic life pay off two hundred fold. Actually such incredible changes take place, the benefits are impossible to measure.

Go through the open door of 2020:  Step over the Threshold to receive your Blessings, and know that “you are enough”.


Laura B Young

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