Some time ago, I worked with a Woman named Jessica*. 

Jessica found herself in a familiar pattern of stuckness.

She told me, “I feel ready, I feel an inner push. I know what needs to be done and the time feels right.”

Jessica felt excited and anxious as she chose the date to start her new podcast.

As the date approached, an old feeling of fear kicked in and she automatically reverted into old familiar way of busyness, and other distractions from feeling.

I helped Jessica identify why she was stuck, and she got back on track. 

If you are stuck know it is a temporary state.

You can however move out of this uncomfortable place more quickly by following 3 significant steps outlined in my course. The solutions start with the three A’s which although quite simple need a little of your time and focus. 

Most important is to devote a Journal to this process and date every entry no matter how insignificant it seems. Nothing about your journey is insignificant.

Hear the rest of Jessica’s story and find your own path to get unstuck.

How do you get unstuck when you find yourself reverting into old familiar ways? Send me a note to let me know. 

*Not her real name. Jessica’s story is like many of our stories, her story is a compilation of similar stories I ‘ve heard from women throughout the years.

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