The power journaling puts in your hands as a tool for healing and subsequently claiming your Feminine Power is incredible.

  • If you are willing to come out of denial to meet what is tripping you up – Journal!
  • If you want to feel worthy of an incredible life – Journal!
  • If you’re ready to change the old story that you have been living by to risk creating a new one – Journal!
  • If you want more Love, Health, Time, Money –Journal!
  • If you are ready to claim or reclaim more of your Feminine Power-Journal!

In my practice, Journaling is called “The Therapist” between sessions.

Secrets Shared:

Stop everything else… just for a little while. It is a good idea to set aside at least 20 minutes, and as you reap the benefits of practice you will no doubt want to extend your time. Choose a place that is quiet; without disturbance or outside pressure.

Some women have been known to create an altar, sometimes when there is busy family life; in their closet. My closet is not that roomy. Create a little sanctuary, a quiet place for you, that you go to again and again. It can be the same chair in a corner of your bedroom. Wherever you choose just use it for this reason and build healing energy. Don’t do your bills there for instance.

Journaling used in the way that I suggest is a powerful entry into what is hidden, into the unknown.

Writing by hand is strongly suggested as the hand is more connected to the unconscious than a computer. Whatever your preference, writing is the most important thing.

Do not to get hung up on how to do the writing. Some people believe that in order to write they have to have a special journal, a special time write a certain number of pages etc.; however no “specialness” is required. except for place maybe, see above. The purpose of journaling in this manner is to bring attention and create a safe space for the unknown to come into our awareness.  Good spelling is not necessary; neither is crossing t’s or dotting i’s. Start with a stream of consciousness, or your story about what seems to be holding you back asking your unconscious to reveal to you what is hidden; just write to prime the pump so to speak.

Get into a relaxed state before you journal. Why is this important?  Because most of the beliefs that trouble us as adults began in our early years, from birth until about seven. Being in a relaxed – almost sleepy – energy, we absorb tons of other people’s beliefs and information whether it is right for us or not.

Our brain wave patterns are the slower brain waves of Delta until age two, then Theta.  Beta or our thinking brain waves don’t emerge until age six or seven.

During this time of slower energy, we merge with our environment and take everything in as if it were the truth. It is a time of “magical thinking”. We believe we are the cause of everything that happens, the good and the bad.  If mommy yells when we spill milk, we feel that we are the cause of her anger. It is your little girl self that hold the secrets of what you really believe about who you are.


Relaxation is crucial because much of what currently holds you back is the unknown and hidden which was imprinted during the time of slower brain waves. A state of relaxation is like the state that we were in when faulty beliefs were embedded. Relaxation allows you to go deeper and connect with your very young self with ease. Getting as close to the energy that was in your life at that time allows us to choose to heal what was faulty that stop us today.

A relaxed state is necessary for information to be revealed and healing to occur.  It is much like the relaxed state necessary for hypnosis to be effective. Journaling in this manner is much like self-hypnosis. When relaxed, we allow the unconscious to relax which in turn creates a more receptive environment. It diminishes the resistance  which allows us to slide suggestions in sideways  and receive answers. In other words, we disarm our unconscious and prepare it to receive new suggestions or reveal information.


Your Story now and then:

As your story unfolds, you will become aware of hidden obstacles that are holding you back. Write your life situation, as it is right now, not as you wish it were. Write about your early life without the blinders on. Remember none of us are the age we look. We have younger parts inside still hurting from early stings. The buttons that still get pushed and the patterns that keep us stuck give us clear information about what is not resolved. These incidents are telling.

Time to meet your younger self:

In a relaxed state, bring up an image of yourself as a little child. What do you see? Don’t judge, just look. Feel her innocence. Do not judge, just see and accept what is.

Is she happy, withdrawn, shy, or angry?

Does she trust you? Do you like her? Do you feel love for her? (If not how close to liking or loving her can you get)?

What behaviors did she adapt to get by in the family?

Sometimes the behaviors we used to get by back there are causing us turmoil today. Write about those behaviors.

Does she need forgiveness? Write her a letter.

Ask her if she will cooperate and join you in learning new ways to be in the world?


Wait for her answer. If she is not ready, ask her what it will take for her to trust you enough to be ready? Go back and forth. Grownup you… to child…to grownup… to child. Be kind, take your time. Treat her as you would any little child that needs nurturing.

Do you need to forgive yourself because you have treated her badly, ignored her, suppressed her feelings? Write her a letter.


You cannot go from the known to the unknown in a single leap. Most important is your willingness to come out of denial and know the truth. Journaling supports your process as you pull up images and allow them to unfold.

Look at your early life – family beliefs, conditioning or struggles. Add school, church, cultural mores… write about whatever applies based on what has a sting, or a ‘charge’ to it when you remember.

As you write your story, accept what you find with compassion and without judgement. Accepting doesn’t mean we like it but it is a starting point, a foundation to build on going forward.

Be merciful if you have been betraying yourself due to circumstances either within or beyond your control. Give yourself permission to change whatever negative behaviors you had to adapt at an earlier age to get by. You did the very best you could with what you knew and with the resources that you had.

To the extent you are confident lovable, willing to forgive yourself and know in your heart that you are enough, only to that extent can you have a great life. Only to that extent can you have full Feminine Power. (excerpt from… Remove Obstacles to Experience Unstoppable Power)



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