It is almost sacrilegious to say happiness is not for everyone, however how much happiness do you see? I also say it is possible for everyone to be happy. If that is the case why would we not choose happiness? Yes! I did say choose. So what is the truth?

Have you noticed that most family members have about the same level of happiness? Why do you think that happens? Often it is an unconscious loyalty to the family of origin, or an unconscious agreement and unexamined beliefs about happiness?

Want to change it? No matter what you are experiencing on the happiness spectrum, it can be more, much more, starting today.

Each Universal Obstacle contains:

  • A 30-minute audio
  • An eBook
  • A workbook

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‘... My unhappiness was a way of Life.’

Laura’s writing and audios about Happiness gives us a chance to understand unhappiness at a deeper level than I have ever examined before. She helped me to understand why I was so unhappy in life and gave clear guidance to change the situation.

In my case it was not just one thing that caused unhappiness, because it had been a way of life from very early on. Laura showed me how to make happiness a choice, no matter what is going on around me.

-T. McCauls

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