About 3 or 4 chapters into my book, titled “Remove Obstacles to Experience Unstoppable Feminine Power,” a colleague offered to review and give me some feedback. I was delighted. However she couldn’t get past seeing the words “Feminine Power” in the title as negative. She became obsessed with looking up synonyms for “power” so as not to offend or turn off possible readers. She is not alone in having such a belief.

Females and males too for that matter have been conditioned to view success and power expressed in a small patriarchal frame with a strong emphasis on force and divisiveness.  Conditioned beliefs about power are confused with the negative energy of “Force” which surrounds us. As you take in the world view you find fear, force, divisiveness and cruelty is rampant and no real change in sight.

Actually force is negative, divisive and a weak energy. The male template of power as it is and as it has been practiced for centuries is insufficient. True power although action oriented is not force. Force isolates, is competitive thus not from the heart.

Problems cannot be solved at this level of consciousness. It is only with the embrace and fusions of Feminine Power will the power and success template be complete.

 “You cannot solve your problems with the same level of beliefs and conditioning that caused them because it was actions based on present level of beliefs, conscious or unconscious that made them occur to begin with.”  In other words you will never be able to solve your problems by using the same mindset that got you into it. The self that is trying to figure things out is bound by limitations.  To be healed, you have to reach beyond current level of consciousness, with guidance and self-reflection.  (A Course in Miracles)

Come join the women from around the world and become a part of the critical mass of combined power that will move the needle enough to transform women’s lives in such a positive way that it may seem magical.. When this occurs, the strength of  Feminine Power will balance the world’s energy in a fair and equal way. Don’t worry about everybody getting on the same page; that won’t happen. However we need enough, a critical mass to turn the tide forever. There is no turning back.

Feminine Power while it includes strength and courage is overall different than the male template. Men today, who hold women with the respect they deserve, are examining the differences. Realizing that they too are in the grip of the armor of conditioning and faulty beliefs know that change is upon us all and the old paradigm of power is more like a beached whale than powerful. Not enough but many are widening their frame of reference to recognize the failures of the old template of power and success.

Look out World; Here We Come!

Up until recently there has not been a template for Feminine Power and while not completed it is evolving by leaps and bounds. We are working through our doubts and glitches to take a stand and claim what is rightfully ours. In addition to being strong and courageous it honors our willingness to be beginners, our curiosity, our creativity, and our intuition, our heartfelt ability to nurture and include others. This is just a beginning of all we have to offer when we love ourselves enough to stand and be counted.  Our Feminine Template continues at this very moment to be fleshed out as a rich and powerful tapestry.

Although wonderful things are happening and happening now, we have to continue to be vigilant. Our journey is not smooth and linear. The last bastion of male supremacy has upped the ante and is on full display, more so lately, fed by fear and hate. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, the last couple of weeks the very core of toxicity in forceful, intrusive action towards women has been on display.  What is alarmingly evident there are many, mostly men having the gall to interfere with Women’s Health and right to choose. We do not have the luxury of inaction.

“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”  James Baldwin

Women have more or less left rage behind because we know deep within it is a false power and it is time for us to experience more potency. It served a purpose to ignite action at an earlier time. Now we have to reach within to use the passion of our rage, transmute it into power with an unstoppable determination for equal status. (Excerpt from my book…Chapter 4, Turn Passion of Anger into Feminine Power)

Just as Rosa Parks is a great example of a bastion for desegregation; we have to be, each in our own way to the extent that we can, a bastion for Women’s Rights and Feminine Power while accepting we will stir up fear, thus anger in others as we take our rightful place.

Reminds me of an inspirational passage  by great American Author, James Baldwin…to accept what is right now without rage and keeping the heart open, while taking action and making space for the opposite to nestle in to take its rightful place.

“It began to seem that one would have to hold in the mind forever two ideas which seemed to be in opposition. The first idea was acceptance, the acceptance, totally without rancor, of life as it is, and men as they are: in the light of this idea, it goes without saying that injustice is a commonplace. But this did not mean that one could be complacent, for the second idea was of equal power: that one must never, in one’s own life, accept these injustices as commonplace but must fight them with all one’s strength. This fight begins, however, in the heart and it now had been laid to my charge to keep my own heart free of hatred and despair”. Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin; Copyright © 1955: by James Baldwin.

What I know for sure it that to the extent we create our template with women’s’ strengths it is allowing a long exhale, a space for a powerful shift in the world.

True power, while it still resonates with action includes love, discernment and wisdom. Women, who have learned to truly love and appreciate themselves, naturally resonate with inclusiveness. Women’s strength and courage is expressed differently, in a way that includes others.

Women have been held  back by layers of conditioning  and faulty beliefs. So it excites me to guide you in stepping on the stage of life to be counted; to collect what you truly deserve and to offer you what I have learned personally and professionally. Today is the perfect day to take that first step!

My book,“Remove Obstacles to Experience Unstoppable Feminine Power” may be purchased at FemininePowerBooks.com. To Find out more about the book you may check out my store page at LauraBYoung.com.

Laura B Young

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