Reflect a moment and remember your childhood… There were wild, colorful drawings, outside of the lines: rainy afternoons when you wore a flowing emerald cape, and scraped along the floor in mismatched high heeled shoes.

Where is she now?

Do you miss her?

If you are like many of us it has been some time since you stopped to meander, creativity exploring the side roads and climbing over a bramble bush. The incredible beauty of her is still there, she has not forsaken you… You on the other hand have forsaken her. I give you step by step strategies to reunite with her; she is an important part of a life in full.

Each Universal Obstacle contains:

  • A 30-minute audio
  • An eBook
  • A workbook

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'I hid what I loved to do...’

Laura helped me reclaim my Creativity. I thought it was gone forever.

My story goes like this, I grew up in a household where my father yelled that drawing and painting was a waste of time.

I hid what I loved to do, followed his wishes and became an accountant and as well, a depressed woman. Something was missing!

As Laura said in the book: “give yourself permission!” I gave myself permission to do the unthinkable, respect my creative talents. Thank You, I am on my way!

Laura’s work encourages to leave rule bound ‘shoulds’ and be flexible and courageous enough to think outside the box.

-C. Sweeney

Laura B Young

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