You must do the things you think you cannot do. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you want to be 87 on your death bed saying I wish I had risked more back then – it would have made a difference in the quality of my life.  Many times when we have a dream, a vision, we don’t know where to start to realize it, we are over-whelmed by the magnitude and the grandeur of it and feel really stuck.  However, most of the time when we feel blocked in an area of our life, it is because we feel safer that way.  We may not be happy, but at least we know what we are – unhappy – it is familiar and we become paralyzed by any of movement into the unknown.

So! What is your vision?  What gets in the way?  Where is your dream?  Is it buried under a pile of shoulds surfacing occasionally to create a tug within, to be pushed down again.  Do you expect to be less busy later with more time to reflect.  Is there a yearning within, that you think you should not have because after all-life is good, and who am I to want more.  Are you waiting until your primary support system says you need to cut back on all that you do for us, and carve out some personal time to do something that makes your heart sing.  They won’t do that and even if you find the courage to address your needs, do not expect support.  Its because people like things the way they are, may become threatened if you initiate change and may overtly or covertly sabotage efforts, to bring things back to the way they have always been, safe.

Where to start?  It’s the beginning of a new year, it has to start with you and the very first step is a decision by you, an intention  that you count and your dreams are important.  Next time I’ll continue with ways to get clarity and later how to recognize and deal with resistance–

Laura B Young

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