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A New Head Shot…a new threshold…a simple thing…right?

I have clung to my old head shot for years because in a life of crossing thresholds riddled with mixtures of emotions, uncertainty and often messy, this picture was taken in a time of pure indescribable joy.

In the picture I am holding my brand new grandson and my heart is full. Not only that but it was the best picture I’ve ever had taken; the joy in my heart shows in my face.

It only takes a few seconds for a life to change, for one to find oneself on strange ground. Often change is swift and merciless and we’ve all been there. This time it was such a threshold of love and light, I have clung to the memory of that experience, when times are difficult. It has always nudged me to remember and know what is possible.

So with a complexity of emotions I release the external clinging and realize…finally… that I can visit the inner joy at will. I actually knew for some time but …still I clung.

My “sweet William” is now 22 years old, 6’2, handsome and loving.  Just took his GRE to prepare for Graduate school. He offered to come into the studio and ‘hold me’ while having a timelier picture taken.

I ask for the grace to allow this new passage to be a time of new discovery, creativity and compassion towards myself and others.  I am grateful to be able to continue to share with you and to encourage you to pass on your gifts.

Laura B Young

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