A Moment of Gratitude :

First of all a heartfelt thanks to all who participated in my Birthday Giveaway of “Remove Obstacles to Experience Unstoppable Feminine Power”. I am truly grateful for the action and the involvement that the giveaway inspired.

Congratulations to the winners; and for those who wanted to win but didn’t …you can still be a winner. While not entirely free, the Kindle version of my book will remain 99 cents until June 30th. So if you are on a journey to know what has held you back and to heal what you find, grab it while it is still at this low price.

My book addresses in depth how to recognize about 8 possible culprits that keep us stuck; how to overcome them and claim happiness. Although we may not be stymied by 8 obstacles there is no doubt that we are all have 1 or more, unless of course your life is already perfect.

I saw a quote recently that said…”move your couch, change your life”. Simple but profound. Everything hangs on your decision to take that first step. Any decision or energy shift, any step out of discouragement, tentativeness or waiting until…does just that…it has the power to change your life.

All the Best


Laura B Young

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