Why am I getting Muddied Results?

We manifest in our lives whatever we give our attention and energy to or focus on, positive or negative. The Law is always working whether we are consciously directing it or not. The outcome of the Law is influenced by many factors however the following three are important to remember.

Desire is the force which sets energy in motion

Fear is an obstacle by which the current is stopped or completely reversed (turned away from us)

Doubt; at best doubt muddies the waters, Doubt is that place we go to when we have an inner glitch or stopper that delays us due to feeling a lack of worthiness in regards to attaining what we desire.

Continuing with the idea of muddied results, let us briefly look at what is fueling this outcome for us. We live at a time when fears and anxieties permeate our daily life from the first news program in the morning, through daily activities until bedtime. The unease and negativity surrounding us creates a climate of “lack” in many ways.  Our unchecked accumulative thoughts tend to create a feeling of loss of personal power.  A loss of personal power, whether real or perceived, creates a sense of scarcity a ‘poverty consciousness.’  Becoming anxious we are more apt to pull the sides of our boxes tightly around us. We wait for a guarantee before we risk hoping that the status quo will not be disturbed. There are of course no guarantees.

Having been a ‘Manifestation Expert’ on Self Growth .com for several years I believed that my awareness was amped up enough to have the Law working for me in a positive way. Truthfully my life indicates some good manifestations, some troublesome, however more often than not the results are muddied, indicating a conflict with the good that that I desire.

Wanting to get to the bottom of this situation, I asked questions several nights before going to sleep. Show me what is missing? What needs to be learned here? Why am I not manifesting what I desire?

Last Night as I was sleeping
I dreamt – marvelous error!
That a spring was breaking
out in my heart.

Antonio Machado (translated by Robert Bly)


After a few nights, a wellspring of information came my way albeit in symbolic fashion.  Images of some habitual fears, beliefs of scarcity layer by layer came up for examination.  Predominately the images showed me how I undermine many overt beliefs regarding Manifestation – some subtle some not.

My dreams showed me that often my day is started and finished in negative energy instead of gratitude.  See if you recognize yourself or can relate to some of the following examples?  “I didn’t have enough sleep”, as I fret about how to make it through a long day. After pushing the alarm a couple of times my thoughts are likely to go to “I am running late and there is no time to go to gym, meditate, or stretch” etc.   Again, not enoughness or poverty consciousness is taking up residence within me. If I make it to the gym and weigh what do you expect the inner conversation will be about my body? What about bed time when the too do list is barely touched? The tendency to scold one’s self is often a bedtime companion,

  • Gratitude is missing
  • A sense of being “enough” is missing
  • A valuing of self is missing
  • A sense of personal power is missing
  • Negative judgment of self is present

How can we stop the barrage of negativity that hums in our lives just below the radar? The first step into changing the negative habits is an understanding how much our negativity interferes with the manifestations of our deepest desires. Stopping to reflect is a first step in order to get clarity and take action, a course correction if you will.

With intention and purpose my morning self talk to changed to include gratitude. .At bedtime I am more often able to be grateful for the day, without being negative about my failings.  Other negativities often slide in (no shortage here).  Something that helps when you start to affirm and cannot quite believe in it as stated is to add a sentence to make it plausible.  For instance, if the scale at the gym tells me there was no weight loss and I do not yet love my body, a phrase of gratitude for my body and all that it does for me will help the unconscious accept what I am attempting to do.  Another affirmation might be that it is becoming healthier.  If you say an affirmation and it does not feel like it is the truth for you right now do not force it with a lame version of the real thing. Speak a truth that you can feel at present, with a knowing that it will change as you practice.

Let’s practice releasing the habitual negativity in life as it gets in the way of manifesting what is truly desired.  Appreciate any and all progress.



Laura B Young

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