April Fools’ day encourages us to engage in elaborate hoaxes in tricking friends, teasing, laughing; usually harmless. What if the most complicated and damaging hoax is the one we play on ourselves …all year long?

It is said that April Fools’ Day began when the Gregorian Calendar took over from the Julian Calendar. One version tells of some trickery about March having 32 days with the 32nd day becoming April Fools’. The people who were slow to grasp and slow to change were mercilessly teased.

How about you? You may not be shamed publicly but how do you talk to yourself about your fears of change, sins of avoidance or omission?

What ways that you fool yourself to stay in denial. How do you ply trickery, manipulation, deception to side step the hard stuff, to avoid facing denial in seeing the hidden or rejected parts of self?

The hidden has enormous power to run the show. It is denied or pushed down; parts of ourselves that we don’t like or don’t want others to see; that causes us struggle, confusion and ‘stuckness’. Healing begins with a decision and determination to find out what is hidden even from yourself.

In the following blogs, I share in-depth strategies about the use of journaling to excavate what is hidden and how to heal what you find. Most of all I encourage you to never fool yourself again.

Until we meet again, further down the road..

All the Best,


Laura B Young

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