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A Passion for Living

Passion is not a quality that some people are born with but not others.  To be passionate is as natural as breathing, as being alive, the source of who you are.  And Yet...when was the last time you let that part of you out to play.  Watch a child play and you see...

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Obstacles to Manifestation: Fear of Change

Since change is the only constant in our lives, why is it so frightening to choose to change? Often it is thrust upon us and we didn’t see it coming. It may come in a way that cuts us off at the knees, such as having life, as we know it obliterated, like a tornado or...

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When You Must Leave

I am often amazed that a woman who has been beaten will not or cannot leave the batterer.  Leaving would be the most instinctual and self protective thing to do.  In my clinical practice I’ve heard women make excuses for the batterer and talk about the times when it...

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What Price Have You Paid?

The mind is often merciless especially when it feels threatened by being alone and lonely.  Have you ever tried to step out of a knowingly dysfunctional relationship to hear your ego chatter on about the reasons you should stay.  At least I have somebody to go out to...

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Is Your Mind Stressing You Out?

(Some tools to get beyond the struggle) An English poet John Milton said the mind can create for us our own personal heaven or hell.  I know from personal and professional experience that we can use the mind as a terrible weapon against ourselves, or find in it a...

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Manifestation—Understanding the Law

Why am I getting Muddied Results? We manifest in our lives whatever we give our attention and energy to or focus on, positive or negative. The Law is always working whether we are consciously directing it or not. The outcome of the Law is influenced by many factors...

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For Women Only

How to get More of what You Really want in Intimate Relationships: As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have had a front row seat, to observe the many ways women sabotage themselves when it comes to having more of what they want/need in intimate relationships....

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Do You Desire a Life of Purpose?

"Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”― Gautama Buddha Desire without attachment is not possible.  Desire is the propeller that moves us forward towards a fulfillment.  Sometimes in an effort to stay safe we squelch our...

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Loneliness: This Time of the Year

… Allow your loneliness time To dissolve the shell of dross That had closed around you; Choose in this severe silence To hear the one true voice Your rushed life fears, Cradle yourself like a child Learning to trust what emerges, So that gradually You may come to know...

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The Wisdom of the Question!

Do you willfully turn away from the asking? Are you in a “rut,” ignoring the inner pull towards truth and change, while clinging to an illusion of safety and security. All the while; you know that you are in a grave act of denial and the charge connected to this...

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