Helping Women (Re)Claim their Feminine Power

“You were not meant for crawling…so don’t.

You have Wings. Learn to use them and fly”-Rumi I wear a sliver of a hat every Spring as a B&B owner. I have a little Bluebird House B&B attached to my porch. The bluebirds being very dependable tenants come every spring to enjoy the space reserved. As a...

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A Moment of Gratitude

A Moment of Gratitude : First of all a heartfelt thanks to all who participated in my Birthday Giveaway of “Remove Obstacles to Experience Unstoppable Feminine Power”. I am truly grateful for the action and the involvement that the giveaway inspired. Congratulations...

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What are Your Beliefs about “Feminine Power”?

About 3 or 4 chapters into my book, titled “Remove Obstacles to Experience Unstoppable Feminine Power,” a colleague offered to review and give me some feedback. I was delighted. However she couldn’t get past seeing the words “Feminine Power” in the title as negative....

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Who are Your Teachers?

Who are Your Teachers? There are teachers everywhere, who do you allow to teach you? I spent many years in an orphanage with the Sisters of Mercy. They were not, shall we say the sisters of mercy, in Leonard Cohen’s song... In the midst of their severity towards us...

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Journaling can turn the Inner Keys to Reveal and Heal

Meet Emily. We worked together and used journaling as a core piece of her healing.  Journaling helped Emily unravel all the ways she was stuck in life. She was depressed in a career that did not suit her strengths and gifts. She was in her mid to late 30’s when I met...

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The Incredible Power of Journaling

The power journaling puts in your hands as a tool for healing and subsequently claiming your Feminine Power is incredible. If you are willing to come out of denial to meet what is tripping you up - Journal! If you want to feel worthy of an incredible life - Journal!...

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April Fools’ is Over! Or is it?

April Fools' day encourages us to engage in elaborate hoaxes in tricking friends, teasing, laughing; usually harmless. What if the most complicated and damaging hoax is the one we play on ourselves …all year long? It is said that April Fools' Day began when the...

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Still Repeating Unhappy Relationships? Well…

Look at your life, is it time to release some of the old players who no longer fit who you are or are becoming? What is your story around relationships? Do you see a pattern in the relationships, like certain kinds of people that you continue to attract?? Have you...

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Just What is A Passionate Life? (Audio)

Do you think that a full passionate life is for others, but not for you? Many are confused when I mention a passionate life or living passionately. During a recent interview for my Journey into a Passionate Life - A...

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