Procrastination is a Dream Buster

Does Procrastination keep your dreams at bay?

Are you living the life of your dreams?

Does Procrastination keep your dreams at bay?

With Procrastination, we lose personal power, and limit the possibility of success. As negative self-talk accompanies putting things off, it is a trigger for other complications such as depression, anxiety and addictions to name a few.

If you don’t know where to start, if you are in the grip of a rigid behavior patterns as is Procrastination accept my free gift. Act now! Especially if it is Procrastination.

There are a many reasons why we procrastinate. This audio examines a hidden but frequent cause of the problem. This faulty belief pattern is established early in life. It’s submerged in our unconscious with power to sabotage our efforts.
No matter what your present situation; you can have mastery over Procrastination.
Do not put off until, until…..what you know in your heart that it is time to make a “course correction”.

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