It doesn’t matter:

If you say “I don’t know where to start.”

If you have gotten stuck in a rut…

If you find yourself thinking “is this all there is?”

If you are angry, fearful or discouraged…

If your relationships have left you unhappy and lonely…

If you believe that you are as happy as you are going to be?

If you believe that other people are creative, not you?

Here you will find proven, successful ways of uncovering obstacles that keep you from being happy. Laura turns the usual way of resolving struggles up-side down.

Laura has found, through her professional experience with thousands of clients, that it is rarely just 1 obstacle holding us back. So wherever you are is where you start.

Often anger is mixed with sorrow, and then we add a denial of feelings to the soup.

You may be filled with desire and be courageous but have jelly in your knees.

You may be unhappy, bored, stuck or lonely in relationships, while at the same time ignoring creative talents that bring joy.

As your guide, Laura knows it is never just one decision or one step. It is rarely that simple. So plunge into life, messy though it may be. Examine her current work which uncovers 10 Universal Obstacles.

Each of these 10 Universal Obstacles is known to prevent happiness. Work through each Obstacle, individually. Many women ask, ‘Where do I start?’ You decide! Most women start with the Obstacle that interests them the most, but I often advise that you start with the one that evokes the deepest emotional reaction. That’s where the path to happiness begins.

Each Obstacle comes with:

  • A 30-minute Audio Interview
  • An eBook
  • A Workbook

All of these resources help you on your journey to a passionate life!

Available Formats:

'I hid what I loved to do...’

I love that Laura encourages us to be our authentic selves.

It is such a gift to get to know a person who is just real, with no hidden agenda, no inflated ego that needs pumping up. What you see is what you get. She is quick to tell me that I am enough, and for me to be kind to myself.

–Patricia C.

‘... if your life is not all that you want it to be.’

Laura Young’s latest work “Overcome Obstacles and Have an Incredible Life” is a must have if your life is not all that you want it to be.

Each of us experiences life in our own way and yet at one point or another we all experience the same emotions: LOVE, SORROW, ANGER, FEAR, COURAGE, LONLINESS, BETRAYAL, PAIN, and HAPPINESS. Laura explains how we deal, or not deal, with these feelings can define the quality of this extra-ordinary gift we have been given-LIFE!

“Overcome Obstacles and Have an Incredible Life”, does not just describe a problem or condition and tell you to do this or don’t do that. Laura guides you through creating your own unique solutions. If the old adage LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT leaves you wondering; let Ms. Young be your guide into doing your personal best now that you have the proper tools.

I recommend “Overcome Obstacles and Have an Incredible Life” to you seekers, who want to be whole.

-Anne C., Florida

Laura B Young

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