What does your busyness really mean? Do you use, to do lists, the day timer, the children’s schedules, frenetic energy, and fragmented thinking to avoid knowing how unhappy and unfulfilled you are? These smoke screens beckon and distract while protecting us from the truth. We are not living life as it is meant to be lived…

What has to happen for you to stop and reflect? A health crisis? Loss of relationship? Discover the compelling forces behind all of this activity.

What are the gains in using busyness to avoid the fears of living passionately? Yes! there are also gains.

Without blame or judgment, my work shows you how to get off this treadmill.

Each Universal Obstacle contains:

  • A 30-minute audio
  • An eBook
  • A workbook

Available Formats:

‘My busyness was like a band aid…’

It never occurred to me that my busy life style helped me to avoid some problems that I didn’t want to examine…

Laura uses the wisdom of personal experience and her years of professional know how to be a compassionate and understanding guide as she reaches out to share what works.

My busyness was like a band aid over a deep crevasse. When I read Laura’s book on busyness, did the exercises in the workbook section, and listened to her audio, it gave me a clear step by step way out of the confusion and the frantic way I was living.

If you are stuck in busyness, don’t overlook this work. I am actually getting more done these days without the frantic ways.

-A. Kennedy

Laura B Young

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