Do you live the same kind of life from week to week, safe, relatively secure but boring? Many people awaken on Monday morning with no excitement about the days ahead. Are you one of them?

What if I showed you how to turn the ideas and beliefs you have about boredom upside down. What if you allowed me to show you the threads of gold in boredom and how to spin an exciting life out of these threads? With a totally different approach, my work uses boredom as a stepping stone, while I give you strategies to get unstuck. No! It is not a terminal place; you do not get to stay.

Each Universal Obstacle contains:

  • A 30-minute audio
  • An eBook
  • A workbook

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‘Where was the guy who had life by the heels?’

I was a star athlete in high school and believed that life couldn’t get any better…

After high school my life became a slow slide over several years into not feeling much of anything. Where was the guy who had life by the heels? I was about to ask my doc for some medicine to help me feel better, when my boss referred me to Laura.

Thanks Laura, you gave me hope while helping me change my negative thinking, break some bad habits and get out of a quagmire that I had built. It did not take long. I am as happy now as I was in high school. No More boredom. I highly recommend her work.

-S. Caruthers

Laura B Young

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