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How to Make the Second Half of Life a Celebration

Uncover Faulty Beliefs and Aging Myths that Prevent Happiness

A three-part e-course:

Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 7pm CDT

Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 7pm CST

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 7pm CST 


Are you ready to put on your own oxygen mask first and discover a new beginning? Join me to discover how to create a space that includes a future of Happiness and Purpose, regardless of age.

Part 1
Identifying and Freeing from the Faulty Beliefs that create unhappiness.

Part 2
Examining and releasing outdated beliefs and myths about the aging process.

Part 3
Acting externally on what you have discovered.

This second part of life is different. Together, let’s do the work to make it wonderful.

Livestream eCourse Part 1 on 11/1/22, Part 2 on 11/8/22, and Part 3 on 11/15/22 (7pm CT).

Course recordings will be made available to participants.

No matter where you are in your journey,

I know that Happiness and Purpose are possible for you. 

What to Expect

  • Together, we will examine the faulty beliefs that create unhappiness, examine and release outdated beliefs and myths about the aging process, and have more mastery in our external actions. Along the way, I will share the importance of Journaling and help you begin (or continue) your own journaling practice as a tool of discovery, while walking you through relaxation and breathing exercises. This will help you access the energy field you need for this important work.
  • This course will be offered live, one part each week as we build skills. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during each course also you may contact me directly between classes.
  • Not sure you can make all three sessions live? I will provide you a recording of the course to listen to at your convenience.

Let me journey with you as you embrace a sense of purpose and a sense of abundance for the second half of your life 

Join me and learn how to embrace your second half of life:

Part 1 – Identifying and Freeing from the Faulty Beliefs that create unhappiness.

What is your life Story now? How does it compare to the life you desire? There are some powerful ways to bridge the difference and I will show you how. You will be encouraged to stop, breathe and review the obstacles that have gotten in the way, discouraged or delayed you. You can dream again!

Awareness and use of the strategies that have worked for me and thousands of Women, will show you how to bridge from where you are to where you want to be and experience the happiness you deserve. I help you unpack, faulty, outdated beliefs, conscious and unconscious that erode your confidence as a Woman.

With a personal commitment to self to inner and outer self-care it doesn’t have to take a long time.

Part 2 – Examining and releasing outdated beliefs and myths about the aging process.

To Celebrate the Second Half, we must unpack and examine to release not only outdated beliefs and myths about the Aging Process but some utterly insane ideas that we may have internalized or normalized.

In addition to what we see, feel, touch, and hear we must know what hurts us at an unconscious level even while shouting “not me!”

A busy woman, about 54 years of age said to me “one day I’m going to stop and figure it all out, so I know how to go forward.” No! No. If we could think our way through unhappiness and the wondering “is this all there is” we’d all be ecstatic. Not the case …look around you. Thinking helps create order in the process, but it is a weak energy here and does not work. There is a much more powerful energy that you will learn how to tap into to find your core value and joy.

Join me and learn to embrace this powerful energy that you have deep within. It will help you feel complete, ready to stand up and be counted. You will know without a doubt that your life can be a richer tapestry, no matter what the years are.

Part 3 – Act externally on what you have discovered or uncovered.

After doing the required inner work in parts 1 & 2 you are ready to act externally on what you have discovered. May you go beyond unwanted uniformity or passive tolerance into knowing much more about your core strength and courage.

As we age there are assumptions that we must courageously and responsibly correct.

Are you aware and do you accept responsibility for the following?

Patterns of thinking: Are you rigid? Compassionate? Negative? Positive thinking increases longevity and quality of life by almost 8 years.
Being authentic in expressing feelings and willing to break a few outdated rules/roles for “women”, giving up beliefs that leave you feeling “invisible”?
Lifestyle: You get plenty of information regarding Healthy eating and the importance of Exercise, however do you accept responsibility for your health?
Do you question the medical staff and discuss the pros and cons of tests or medications, or do you acquiesce putting your doctors in a “rescuer” role?
Your fears: About living, changing, dying?
How are your relationship with your grown children? Do expectations create distance/struggles?
Do you nurture your old/new friendships?
If you weren’t afraid, what would you like to do?

My emphasis is on self-responsibility, questioning and correcting; no longer allowing blatant ageism to continue without intervention. And more…

Journal prompts, guided visualizations, and discussions allow you to begin this journey now.

Allow me to guide you on your Journey to take the necessary steps to break free of faulty beliefs and aging myths to make the second half of your life a celebration

Blessings, Laura


You know there is more. Let’s find it together.

Laura B Young

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