Look at your life, is it time to release some of the old players who no longer fit who you are or are becoming?
What is your story around relationships? Do you see a pattern in the relationships, like certain kinds of people that you continue to attract?? Have you ever thought this person seems different, so why am I feeling the same? Different person, same pattern,: same story!
When the same types of relationship problems or issues keep popping up in our lives, it has meaning. Don’t be discouraged; there is a solution. It is time to stop everything and reflect on your situation. You have to be willing to let go of inner resistance to know the truth about yourself as to why you keep attracting a particular kind of person and treatment.
In actuality even though we may not want to know, we attract to ourselves who and what we believe about ourselves at some level.
How do I start piercing the illusions that I live by?
Start Here:
What do you believe about yourself? Your life as it is is the real picture of what you believe, no matter how much you protest.
Do you feel worthy of happiness and a warm, loving, and respectful relationships? Only to the extent that you really know and feel worthy, can you have it.
Your sense of self has to be strong to feel worthy of good things in life including a good relationship. You have to be able to stand on your own and know that “you are enough” with or without another person validating your worth… Are you ready to have what you desire?
Many of our beliefs and feelings about ourselves and the world are formed before the age of reason, when we cannot question or express. What are you choosing to believe that influences your level of happiness and peace from day to day? It is possible at this time to examine the obstacles that get in your way in the most important relationships you will ever have, first with yourself and then in your choice of love relationships…
When you don’t have a strong sense of self, there is a tendency to give away personal power and suppress emotional needs to win approval or recognition from others. You make others more important than they should be in your life… You project onto them qualities you aren’t expressing, not recognizing in yourself. When you give away more of your personal power, you become dependent on others leading to less self-responsibility which in turn makes you more vulnerable to the wills of those around you
Take for example that of cheating in a relationship. First look at yourself. What in you brought you a partner who can’t commit? Did you know what you really wanted before you found yourself in this painful situation. Consider asking yourself what you truly want. Many people in this kind of situation are carrying emotional scars or inner obstacles that wall them off from truly knowing the signs of problems and the red flags to be alert for in in a relationship, long or short term. Doing so means you’ll not be fully present with another person and intimacy will elude you.
Cheating for instance is clearly a way to avoid intimacy. When someone comes too close and you feel vulnerable then cheating will surely push them away. You block the experience of self-love and being loved by another.while more than likely feel lonely and discouraged about your ability to have relationships of substance. You want to attract another who will give you the love you need, but it cannot work out as you desire. For one thing you are unable to return the love if given.. You must risk opening your heart before you can release this negative pattern. View yourself as enough and embrace others with acceptance. You don’t need to do anything or be anything in order to be deserving of love. The way to grow into personal empowerment is through healthy choices and commitment. Recognize your needs; make decisions based on what’s best for you.
Sometimes however we are uncertain or not clear of our best choice, due to obstacles known and unknown that get in the way. My work guides you to unearth the obstacles and gives you strategies to process them. It doesn’t have to take a long time, however it does need out attention and commitment to be free from obstacles holding us back on any front, to have an incredible life.
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