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A Passion for Living

Passion is not a quality that some people are born with but not others.  To be passionate is as natural as breathing, as being alive, the source of who you are.  And Yet...when was the last time you let that part of you out to play.  Watch a child play and you see passion in action.  They know the secret of living each moment with attention and wonder.   As adults we tend to experience a guarded participation in our feelings that leaves us lukewarm toward much of our world.  If you have turned into a bored and passionless grown up, it may be time to let the child your once were be your teac

What is behind the mask?

To be at peace with ourselves, we need to know ourselves ... (C. Matthews).

Aware or not we live many lives, not referring to reincarnation but to the evolutionary track of our lives, through infancy, childhood, adolescence, college, career, marriage, parenting, grandparenting and often widowhood.  Each stage brings laughters and tears and at each stage, new personal preferences, leaving us often to question.  Who am I now? You may fill many roles, but are you the roles you fill?  I think not.  Do you want to know yourself at a deeper level?

Life’s Illusions

…”I recall, I really don’t know life at all” Some mornings when I go for my walk its not quire daylight. There is just enough light to see where I’m going in the early morning fog, or rising sun. Although I’m on a familiar path there are times something up ahead looks eerily different and alarming. When I get abreast of what looked like a crouching ferral animal, I see it is no more than an old rotting tree stump, changing shapes in the semi darkness. I relax and continue on the path. Something rustles fiercely in the woods.

How To Make Anger Your Ally

“Creative energy that is not being rightly used...” (Osho, 1999)

A Master lived in the mountains.  He answered several of life’s hard questions for the inquirer without hesitation.  When asked how to handle anger, he broke his walking stick in half and bellowed, “Do you think I’d be living alone in this deserted place if I had the answer to that?”  Sooner or later we all have to come down from the mountain, and deal with fellow humans in the market place.  Someone is invariably going to step on our toe, OUCH!!

Change Is The Only Constant

Since change is the only constant in our lives, why is it so frightening to choose to change? Often it is thrust upon us and we didn’t see it coming. It may come in a way that cuts us off at the knees, such as having life, as we know it obliterated, like a tornado or hurricane. Somehow when such happens, time and time again we observe people having the courage and determination to reach down into their reservoir of resilience to deal with catastrophe. Where did all their courage, fearlessness, faith, determination come from, we ask ourselves. How were they able to do it?

Want a Less Stressful Summer

I once heard George Carlin the comedian address the topic of vacations, and how people handle their “stuff.” People usually take a smaller version of their stuff on vacation and sequentially smaller versions to their hotel room, or to the beach etc. He was hysterical; resonating with the need we have for the familiar in order to feel more comfortable. Reflecting on this I wondered if it is the same with our stress level? Do we take a smaller version of our stress with us on vacation? Are we such creatures of habit that we unconsciously take along some stress to stay in our comfort zone?

The Upside of Failure

When we list our desires, wants and life goals, we often omit “failure”. We must fail if we are to risk living passionate lives. We live in a culture that has become soft, in that it conditions us to seek comfort and avoid discomfort. There is a lack of appreciation for the wisdom that hardship bestows. There is an illusion that it is possible to live in a world where things come easily and failure can be avoided, and if your life is not “this ideal,” there is something is wrong with you.

Success Can Be Yours

Many of us, at a deep level, are afraid of success. On surface, we declare that we are going for the gold, the Ph.D., own a business…be the best! That which actually manifests in our life may be something entirely different. What is certain is that our core beliefs will express in our life regardless of what we say. When there is conflict between conscious wants and unconscious beliefs guess what manifests. The unconscious has the most powerful influence on the level of success evident in our lives.