Powerful Questions

The Wisdom of the Question!

Do you remember all the questions you asked, when you were 360*of passionate living, before being ‘civilized’. You wanted to know, the where, what and how of everything. What happened to her? By the age of 7, or before the age of reason she was conditioned to ask socially acceptable questions; other types of questions; not so much. Early in life most of our questions are primarily of a curious nature about the external world. Right here, right now I am asking you to risk the questions that will give you answers from your inner world, and inner mysteries.

Do you Cling to the Familiar?

Having spent my early years on an island off the coast of Newfoundland, I remember well the ferocity of the Atlantic Ocean beating against the rocky cliffs along the shoreline. Often birds flew into and nestled on the barren ledges, hanging on, with their bodies shivering. Some of the birds nestled in places where they would continue to be battered at the mercy of nature’s fury. There might have been a ‘soft place to fall’ just beyond those ledges; however  they like us, stayed, struggled and shivered in scarcity because it was familiar.