Questions Provide Space For Dreams To Take Flight

Passionate Living

How Long has it Been?

“How long since I spent a whole night in a twin bed with a stranger?” (Joan Baez)

How long has it been since you allowed yourself to feel a wildness, a full heart experience whereby you lost yourself totally in the moment?

How long has it been since you set aside customary rules, thinking and shoulds to do something that has been burning inside?

Just What is A Passionate Life? (Audio)

Do you think that a full passionate life is for others, but not for you?

Many are confused when I mention a passionate life or living passionately. During a recent interview for my Journey into a Passionate Life - A Transformational System, Pat asked me "What is a Passionate Life?" WOW, what a great question! Pat and I talked for over 20 minutes about what I envision as a Passionate Life or Living Passionately. I am sharing this audio with anyone who may sigh and wonder "is this all there is?"

Happiness - What If I Had known?

It is almost sacrilegious to think that happiness is not for everyone, however look around, how much happiness and laughter do you see?  I have memories of my father being happy however he died at thirty three.  I was eight, the oldest of six children. As the oldest, many duties fell to me to be whatever help an eight year old could be. My childhood as I knew it, and being carefree, ended at eight.  From this vantage point it is clear that from that time there seemed to be no permission to be happy.

Live Out Loud

"If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud." - Emile Zola

Most of us start our lives at a passionate 360* of authenticity, expressing  what we feel in the moment. We cry when we are hurt or slighted, laugh and enjoy simple pleasures as we whirl through our day. What happened to our young and passionate selves along the way?

A Passion for Living

Passion is not a quality that some people are born with but not others.  To be passionate is as natural as breathing, as being alive, the source of who you are.  And Yet...when was the last time you let that part of you out to play.  Watch a child play and you see passion in action.  They know the secret of living each moment with attention and wonder.   As adults we tend to experience a guarded participation in our feelings that leaves us lukewarm toward much of our world.  If you have turned into a bored and passionless grown up, it may be time to let the child your once were be your teacher.