Eliminate Denial
Once and for All

"I feel like something is missing inside." "No matter what I do I do not feel whole." Is this you or somebody you know? What's missing are the parts of self that we do not like, hide from others, suppress or push down: in other words, what we deny having.

We refer to this denial in others as 'blind spots' or their dark side. What are your blind spots? If you're ready to face and recover your denied parts, my work will show you how to bring them into the light, and no longer feel that something is missing. Excavate the beauty and the gold in the denied self, to make space for abundance and wholeness in life.

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Eliminate Denial

‘... denial was a problem for me.’

Laura’s book and audio on Denial, surprised me at first, actually annoyed me.

I really did not want to admit that denial was a problem for me. Then I followed the exercises in the workbook. The questions, explanations, tools and step by step guidance helped me to know myself so much better.

I like the self I found under my denials.

R. Hagan