Put Your Coward to Sleep: Uncover your greatest Asset: Your Courage

Courage is much like self esteem: We all have some, and none of us have enough. Some of us are physically courageous, while others are emotionally or mentally courageous. There may be over-laps, but we are more courageous than we realize. We also have a cowardly part. I've witnessed first responders having terrible difficulties with emotional distress.

Fear is the impetus that pushes us forward into life's next level of courage Most of us cannot be courageous without fear. We can have fear in the belly and jelly in our knees and still be courageous. My work nudges you to understand yourself while showing you how to use fears to increase courage.

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Put Your Coward To Sleep

‘... I considered myself a coward, because I have lots of fears.’

I believed courageous people have to be fearless.

Laura’s book on “Courage” helped me realize that most of us need our fears to become more courageous.

Laura helped me to have a bigger picture of who I am, accepting me more and I’m not so harsh when I have fears.

I also know that I am courageous, at least some of the time.

A. Croke