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What Successful Women Know about Manifestation, Part 2

Secrets Shared:

Starting last week and over the next couple of months, I share secrets that give women the edge in Manifesting. Here you will find out what successful women already know, or have discovered through searching. Through trial and error as well as personal triumphs and failures in my own life as well as working with thousands of women over time, I have discovered what works. This can be your story as well.

Many emphasize the power of thinking: you stress that feelings are equally important. Why?

Secret #2: Feelings:  Our society tends to minimize the powerhouse of feelings in reaching our dreams. This does not mean being scattered and using feelings in a distracted way. My strategies and techniques help women harness the power in feelings once they learn how to be in alignment and use feelings in a focused way.

Successful women value the power of their feelings to feed back to them the truth of a situation. Feelings are critical in aligning the outer desires with inner beliefs, if we are to manifest our dreams.  There is more focus on thinking, in many current offerings however that is only half of the story.  Feelings play an extremely powerful part in Manifesting.

Thoughts and feelings have to be aligned with what we want to Manifest. Being in alignment means for instance that we cannot create an abundant life while holding scarcity beliefs, and feelings of lack, conscious or unconscious. Do you see the conflict in thinking that you want abundance but feeling that it only happens to others, or having doubts about yourself?  The disparity between thinking and feelings has to be healed or we cannot have what we truly desire. Women are closer to the power of their feelings and are more willing to trust what they feel.

Here is an example of what being out of alignment looks like:

Patricia, who grew  up in poverty,  absorbed her single overworked, worried mom’s belief that one  could never take a break. Mom feared if she ever stopped, the bill collectors would show up  or something bad would happen.

Patricia joined the military, rose in rank, got a masters degree, and retired a Lt. Colonel with a pension, and  started a second career. She said her desire was to travel for fun, one day soon.  Patricia, however did not even take a vacation. She was afraid that if she ever took a “break” from work, something bad would happen, and she would be replaced. She could not identify why she felt fear, when her conscious mind told her that she had plenty of money and could travel.

Patricia was living by an internal feeling of scarcity, actually having absorbed her mother’s belief of never having enough. Patricia’s external wanting to travel was not in alignment with her inner beliefs around scarcity. She was stuck in lack instead of the reality of her actual resources.

Through accessing her feelings and using simple but powerful strategies, exercises, I was able to assist her in the fulfillment of her dreams. Thinking alone without the power of her feelings, could not have bridged the chasm to manifestation. She had already affirmed through thinking things are different now, and I deserve to travel, without change.   It was her fearful feelings that something bad might happen if she cut loose, and doubts about being worthy to live her dreams that had to be healed first..

You may think this is an extreme example; however do you have an area whereby you say you desire something, but your behavior says another?

Many sources of Metaphysical study teach us to govern our thoughts: important but not complete. It is but a fragment compared to the powerhouse of the feelings. We cannot govern our thoughts unless we learn to respect, value and master our feelings, as feelings flash before we have a chance to think. Think of how the blood surges through the body in a fit of anger; are you able to think that heat away?

In my Manifest an Incredible Life  series the focus is on the many obstacles that stop our progress, 12 in all: as well how to align or bring into agreement, our conscious and unconscious beliefs and feelings, to allow success to happen. Check it out.

More next week,

All the Best,


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