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Journey into a Passionate Life Workbook

Journey into a Passionate Life Workbook

Do you think that a full passionate life is for others, but not for you?
Do you ever sigh and wonder “is this all there is?”
Do you feel emptiness in your heart in spite of all that you have achieved?

In Journey into a Passionate Life Workbook, Laura guides you through your emotional landscape, giving tools to assist you in finding and understanding your inner mysteries. When one has the courage to do inner work, what we find has meaning in the tapestry of our lives, whether it is ‘dark’ or ‘light’. Laura helps us decipher the purpose of what we find, and then shows us how to work it through in order to release what no longer fits.

When we resolve barriers such as boredom, grief, anger, busyness, loneliness, as well as our shadow, we are free to embrace our desires, courage, creativity, and happiness.

As we uncover and accept more of who we are, incredible things can happen. Some may call these experiences miraculous. May you embrace what it really is … a full and passionate life!

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November 1, 2012
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5.25" x 8"
Black and White