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Attention transforms: Bring Attention to Your Body

When was the last time you spoke to your body with love, gratitude, and awe for all that it does for you every moment of your life?

Believing is all a child does for a living. Kurtis Lamkin.  Too young to reason,  we absorb whatever we encounter, as if it were the truth. Later we find that second hand beliefs  of others are running our show and some of them limit us, including beliefs about our body.

How do you create a new dance floor on which to move and love your body for the rest of your life?

Stop and Reflect:

What is true for you right here right now? (You are not the same as you were 10 years ago).

What do you believe about your body? (Do you have negative beliefs that may not be yours?)

Do you accept your body as it is right now? (Accepting does not mean you like it as is, it is an important step for change to occur, mentally and physically. Body and mind are not separate, but deeply intertwined, interdependent if you will.)


Breath is the doorway into the unconscious. Breath brings us back into the slow merging energy of Theta and Alpha brainwaves of childhood when we absorbed limiting beliefs . Deep breathing changes our brainwaves, so we can access the unconscious, to heal and release old patterns that hold us back.

Bring attention to your breath as you breathe slowly and deeply, Stay gentle with long slow exhales until you feel as though you are dropping roles and surface feelings.

Next, ask your inner self to show you how you dishonor your body, while asking your brain to communicate to your body that you want to make it your friend. (For instance when I ignore my body while stressed,  I will end up with  pain in my neck and shoulders, until I stop, breathe and have a conversation with it.. Yes you can communicate with your body about the meaning of pain you are having, Usually when this happens to me I have been too much in my head and not in touch with my body).

Release your doubts, not matter where you find yourself on the self-care spectrum. It is a practise day by day, even a few minutes is better than once a week for an hour. Today is the best day!!



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