Questions Provide Space For Dreams To Take Flight

2016 is an Open Door: Step over the Threshold

Every New Year you get another opportunity to take a risk of knowing how incredible you truly are. I say risk because once you allow yourself to align with the fact that ‘you are enough’: what are you going to do with that truth. It is a responsibility is it not? But I digress.

I love the Idea that every New Year we get an opportunity to have a do over:  a chance to make a course correction. By this I do not necessarily mean the external changes we need to make, but it could be. My emphasis is more about the internal, emotional shifts necessary to realize that the only way to self discovery and out of our boxes is through.

 There will always be another threshold waiting to be crossed and if we don’t tack our desire and courage to the sticking place it will always be there haunting us, often late at night. Waiting, waiting for us to take a genuine risk: no half hearted maybe, waiting for a genuine Yes!

If we attempt to skip over, sidestep what we know in our essence that we have to do, the obstacle keeps showing up in one form or other, at one level or another until we face it. If we do not we commit self-sabotage.

Take relationships for example:

One New Year a good friend said; “Laura don’t shuffle the same players around your stage this year”.   She suggested I make room for new players to come on my stage, to shake up the status quo, releasing old players to move on to their destiny. She was correct, it needed to be done.

 Although true, there was a glitch inside when I heard her.  I was hanging on to some familiar but outgrown relationships, one in particular.  I feared starting over, or tackling yet another pattern that was holding me back and weighing heavily.

I remember saying, ‘but we have been together seven years, I hate to give up on it now’. She being much more practical than I was in the affairs of the heart said, “so what? You are not happy””are you going to give it another seven years to see if it works.” Again she was right. I listened; however it took me until May, my birthday month, to extract myself. It was painful and did not feel like anything to celebrate at the time.  In the rear view mirror, as happens with many  ‘howling hurts’, the change; the loss; turned into a stronger feeling of self worth and value, which nobody can betray or take away.

So as you look through the open door of 2016, who and what do you see on your stage?

Of course there are relationships that cannot be moved off your stage totally, such as family members, you have to keep, even if they are toxic.  You can however, learn where to position them on your stage in order to protect yourself from their negative energy, or to have more space. (Another article).

Knowing that the door is open and we can cross over the threshold to create a more abundant life, often frightens us because we feel we are starting a lonely voyage into the unknown, What I have found although distressful, we are never as alone as we fear we will be, when we decide to take a risk, and change what isn’t working.

Besides the players on your stage, are you honoring the most important relationship of all? The one that you have with yourself?  Are you honoring your dreams, your desires, and your creativity? Especially the part you want them to play in the coming year, Reflect on your yearnings, as well as your longings that get tucked away (until there is time).  Journal and ask yourself some of the following questions.

Who am I now?

What do I like now?

What do I want my life to be like now?  (You are not the person you were 10 years ago, so what worked then will not necessarily bring fulfillment now).

What do I need to let go of?

What do I want to include in my life?

Am I worthy of a life of abundance?

Do I believe I can create a life that has more meaning for me?

(Time for reflection is necessary for a deeper knowing of self to occur. This in turn facilitates the energy and courage, necessary for the change we desire. )


The moment one definitely commits oneself,

Then providence moves too. A whole stream

Of events issues from the decision, raising in

One’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents,

Meetings and material assistances, which no

Man could have dreamt would have come his

Way (.W.H.Murray, (Himalayan Expedition 1956)


For most of us the greatest challenge is to muster up the determination to actually begin. Every fiber of our being conspires to keep us boxed up in an illusion of safety.

Wanting a more meaningful life right now, and taking the first step, or starting the journey are two different things.

"We're already in the New Age she said.
What does that mean? I said.

It means we can stop waiting
&start living, she said
But after she left, I still waited a little more
just to be safe".
- (Brian Andreas, Traveling Light)

Be patient with yourself if you cannot run through open door right away, as well as be patient with others. Have you ever noticed that when you are discouraged with your own sins of commission or omission, we tend to be shorter with those around us, sometimes even to blame them for our stuck-ness? It is then a time to be ‘mindful’ not only of what is going on with us, but how we treat others.

From the first murmurings, or flashes of insight of that which we sense, feel or know to do, there is a germinating time. In the middle there is often a long slough as we get discouraged and wonder why we took such a risk. Keep going.

You will find that all risks taken in the name of personal growth and a more authentic life pays off two hundred fold. Actually such incredible changes take place, the benefits are impossible to measure.

Go through the open door of 2016. Step over the Threshold to receive your Blessings, and know that ‘you are enough’


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